December 15, 2009

Take the social justice challenge for 2010

2010 Social Justice Reading Challenge

Deep down I read because I hope it will make me a better person. I figure that if I become a better person, I may improve the world in some small way. If that’s the kind of thing that motivates me to read, why wouldn’t the same be true for kids? After all, kids are among the most idealistic people on the planet. I used this as the rationale for a new book discussion group for kids at a public library where I work. Kids meet once a month to practice yoga, make art, and discuss what’s going on in other parts of the world--and what even a kid can do to make a difference.

Hooked on this idea as I am, I was delighted when I discovered a reading challenge issued by like-minded people—people who know that books can expand our sense of reality and our place within it. Thanks to fellow blogger Natasha (Maw Books Blog) I’m passing on the Social Justice Challenge, which encourages readers to learn about unjust causes through books, essays and blogs. Beyond that, it offers tools to empower anyone to make positive changes in our world.

This is not an overwhelming commitment, although it has the potential to change the world in significant ways. Sign up for 12 months of participation, but participate at whatever level you want on a month to month basis, depending on how much time you have each month: as a student, activist, intern, volunteer. I hope you and your entire family will join me in this worthwhile pursuit. This is a great family project, so be sure to include your kids. Visit the Social Justice Challenge blog, subscribe, and follow on Twitter for details.

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