September 23, 2009

Earn a free book just for following my blog!

I have a favor to ask: will you follow LeadingReads, the blog? What’s in it for you? Well, for starters, I’m offering a free book (your choice) to the first 20 people who’ll subscribe to LeadingReads feeds (the RSS link is in the column on your right) or follow from Facebook’s Networked Blogs before next Friday, October 2.

Choose any single children’s title up to $20 in value from my Usborne Bookstore. E-mail your name and mailing address plus the title of the book and ISBN# to If you’re an adult reader who has no children, choose a title from Amazon and I’ll gladly oblige you with the book of your choice up to $20. Not to worry: I’m not checking on who actually follows or subscribes. There’s no reason to do that because readers are the most honest of people.

In addition to the free book, you’ll receive regular inspiration for daily life based on books, ideas, resources, and people I discover––all devoted to helping people find ways to become their best. LeadingReads covers a wide range of topics related to good health, better relationships and communication, self-examination, positive thinking and spiritual wisdom drawn from modern and ancient sources. If you dig that sort of thing, I invite you to follow, comment, and perhaps, be a guest blogger whenever appropriate.

I began LeadingReads in 2007 because I missed the kind of writing I once did as a corporate writer for a company that believed in developing people. That got me hooked on learning about the world from other people and sharing what I learned with others. Operating outside the boundary of a company stance, I have more freedom than ever to write in ways that encourage personal effectiveness. On a strictly personal level, I’m on my own quest to give my best effort in this life. That keeps me vigilant about learning and applying principles that contribute to my goal. It’s a pleasure to exchange energy and ideas with anyone who is on the same quest. I hope you’ll join me at LeadingReads!

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